Welcome to sacred & well

Hey guys! 😀 I’m SO excited to be introducing you to my new practice, Sacred & Well. I launched this practice out of a deep believe that underneath our hurt, insecurities, hang ups, habits and addictions – underneath the pain we’ve caused & the pain that’s been inflicted on us, there is a space inside each of us that is Sacred & Well.

In other words our struggles are only part of us, they’re not all of us.

I am aware from personal experience how painful it can be to live life thinking you’re broken, & not (good, smart, hard-working, healthy, whatever) enough. To feel taken over by anxiety, depression, grief, insecurities & pain. To wonder if the spark you once had is gone forever. And worst yet, to believe your struggles & shame say more about who you are than your strength & goodness do.

I believe the Good in us is ALWAYS greater & that each of our struggles are invitations to connect back to that space inside of us that is both Sacred & Well.

We know grief, pain and mental health diagnosis are complex issues with a lot of moving parts but we don’t see our clients as a broken object that needs to be fixed or some problem to be solved. For us, healing is a process or uncovering. A process of remember and a process of reconnecting.

We’re committed to not having people go through that process alone.

We also just really want for you feel better so that you’re able to enjoy the life you’ve been given. To feel more alive, creative, connected, courageous, empowered and at peace through life’s ups and downs.

We believe that kind of enjoyment ultimately comes not from ignoring or resisting the things you face but from learning you have everything you need inside to lean in & embrace the struggle.

Sean Blackburn