If you’re struggling with anxiety, panic, trauma or an eating disorder some of the most basic functions in your life (sleeping, eating, socializing and working) can become impossible. Trauma, Anxiety and Eating Disorders can sideline you; leaving you in a place of obsession rather than presence and isolation rather than connection. They may have you wondering if you’ll ever get back to good.


Part of you is SO ready to shake this, to feel happiness and goodness again. Another part is skeptical and not even sure that’s possible. Part of you may want to try therapy and another part might wonders if it’s really for you.


That’s where I come in. I love providing my clients with the spaciousness they need to gain clarity, confidence, and calm in their life. Problematic moods, embarrassing behaviors, relational issues: all are welcome here.


I believe each pain in life serves to show us places inside that need love, nurturance and healing.


I believe YOU deserve to live a full and beautiful life.


I also believe healing and recovery are possible.


If even a small part of you is ready to explore what healing and peace could look like in your life or in the life of your adolescent, please reach out and schedule an intake.


If you’re ready to live life with more confidence, clarity, and calm contact me today!

Learn More About Who I Am

My counseling work focuses primarily on the needs of adolescents and young adults who struggle with eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety and panic. These issues often stem from core issues of low self-worth and past trauma.

It is my goal in therapy to help clients regain a cohesive sense of self from which they can connect deeply to Life and others.

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