Hey there friends,
I’m Lauren.

In my own journey through anxiety, depression & disordered eating I tried A LOT of things.

I thought I could think my way out of my anxiety. I thought maybe I could outsmart it.

I thought I could pray my way out, or be religious enough to stop my pain.

I thought if I could just figure it all out and name what was going on inside of me then maybe I could finally fix “it.”

The thing I didn’t realize was that all of these good, well-intentioned things kept me in my mind. Trying to rationalize and learn my way out of deep pain wasn’t cutting it. In fact, this constant striving and trying harder left me exhausted and discouraged. It also kept me feeling more and more separate (or in my head) and more and more alone in the intensity of it all. 

It wasn’t until I decided to stop doing more & instead try something different that I began to see some real movement and healing in my own life. I was introduced to more holistic mind/body/spirit approaches to health, counseling & trauma resolution (like Internal Family Systems) and I finally began to feel a gentle shift from my head to my heart & body.

This shift from overthinking & into more embodied living has allowed me to experience relief from intense anxiety, depression & disordered eating. After years of my own struggle, in & out of therapy, I am learning to be present to my life and am able to connect more wholeheartedly to the people I love.

I’ve learned that recovery is messy & it is possible!

It’s from this place that I enter the ring with my clients each week.

I’d love to help you turn YOUR greatest adversity into your greatest ally.

Let’s do this together,
tell me how I can help you