What if we could all have 'Perfect 10 Moments'?

What if we were all allowed to have perfect 10 moments like this? I could literally watch this video over and over again. This girl is confident ALIVE and owning her call. The first time I watched it I was overcome with smiles and tears and rooting for her the whole way through. I was feeling joy...and then also a little glimmer of sadness, wondering, “would I ever have that perfect 10 moment myself?” In my own arena, on my own mat could I ever see a perfect ten? 

It wasn’t long before I realized, WOW it’s actually super hard to feel joy. Joy feels really vulnerable for me and a lot of times fear quickly moves in to protect me from feeling so vulnerable. It whispers to me, “you’ll never have a perfect 10.” But I know this voice is fear and I know it’s just not true. My life is dotted with perfect 10 moments—if I really slow down and look. There are millions of sweet little miracle moments that have brought me to exactly where I am today and I trust will continue to come and take me where I need to go next. 

It’s hard sometimes to give our perfect 10 moments the credit they deserve. Admittedly, They may not look quite as sexy as Katelyn Ohashi’s floor routine. But those moments when we show up for ourselves, for our work, for the people we love; those times when we start something new or feel a spark of connection with someone we care about. or keep going in the pursuit of our passion despite the presence of nay sayers and critics. THESE are perfect 10 moments. Moments we’re allowed to stand on, celebrate, and feel invigorated by. 

What about you?

Are things getting in the way of you being able to experience your own ‘Perfect 10 Moments’?

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Sean Blackburn